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Passenger Information System PIOS

The maintenance-free passenger information system PIOS (Passenger Information and Positioning System) is designed for light and medium-heavy rail vehicles. The core of this system is the Linux board computer PPU, which takes over all control tasks. The system is flexible like the ACSys audio system, it can be installed in vehicles of any size.

The board computer PPU controls any kind of peripherals in the vehicle via various digital I/O interfaces, RS232, RS485, Ethernet and/or IBIS. This includes, in particular, displays or displays. Also, data from passenger counting systems can be read out and ELA systems can be addressed as well. In this process, the digital audio and a switching signal are transferred to the ELA. Apart from the Picaso ELA ACSys, audio systems of other manufacturers can also be controlled. The connection to a vehicle-based CAN network is also feasible with a Picaso module.

To ensure accurate and reliable information quality, the PPU database can be updated via USB, Ethernet, and wirelessly. The system automatically detects the validity period of a database and selects the appropriate database for each deployment day.

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