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Audiosystem ACSys

The ACSys audio system has been proven for many years in different rail vehicles. Its simple configuration, modular design and fast expandability make it suitable for any fleet size.

With this audio system, the following features can be realized:

  • PA functions as interior and exterior announcements
  • Passenger intercom
  • Driver’s intercom
  • Digital announcements
  • Selective announcements

The ACSys is suitable for use in one and two directions vehicles and can be coupled unrestrictedly, addressing itself via the Picaso system bus so any intercom unit and any amplifier can be called up and requested. Due to a decentralized arrangement of amplifiers and modules, the system can also be installed in vehicles with little space. The use of several small amplifier modules ensures high redundancy and failure safety.

Volume settings can be parameterized and adjusted via the Windows program ACSys Tool. This tool allows access to all components installed in the vehicle as well as separately set all audio lines. It also allows the parameterization of ambient noise depending volume and software updates. Moreover, the volume settings table is downloadable and transferable to other vehicles.

For details check our download area.